My name is Anders and I'm an interaction designer based in Copenhagen, Denmark.
I mainly work with UI and UX design but in my past I have also worked with design for print and identity design, illustration and animation among other things.
I have recently ended my daytime job and I'm now out looking for new career opportunities.
Feel free to contact me

Nota, Danish National Library for Persons With Print Disabilities
UI/UX designer. 2008–2018
My job has been to help turn an old public institution in to a modern online audio- and ebook library and a knowledge center for dyslexia and reading on alternative medias.
Design for iOS and Android apps and web apps and online media player.

Self employed graphic designer. 2004–2018
Logos, illustrations, animations, copywriting and design for print and screen.
My own little studio. Doing a bunch of eclectic work for all sorts of clients. Both paid and love projects. Specialized in work for social aware and non-profit organisations and cultural institutions.

TV 2 Design & Promotion
National TV network station. Graphic designer and Art Director. 2007–2008
TV-idents, Motion Graphics, Logos, PR-gimmics, website and online graphics.

Lokalavisen Slotsbyerne
Local newspaper. Graphic designer. 2006–2007
Basic stuff. Ads and layout.

Motion graphics studio, Trainee. 2005
Identity design for print and screen, motion graphics.

Magazine, Illustrator, writer og photographer. 1998–2005
Voluntary and non-profit work. Writing, photography and illustrations.

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